Hvis lyset tar oss


T-shirt borrowed - Cardigan Rosewholesale - Hat h&m - Socks Taobao - Shoes Jeffrey Campbell

Yesterday I went out with my friends in the beautiful Atri, I hadn't much time to dress up 'cause I spent half of my day studying and the rest trying to retouch my roots so I decided a really easy and comfy look with a t-shirt I borrowed from my boyfriend. I listen to Buruzum a lot years ago and I didn't find any cool t-shirt in the past so I was happy to wear this one even if it's like two times my size ahah. The tights are new but I don't really like them on me, I don't know why they make my legs look fat XD I'll give them another chance when I can!

8 commenti:

  1. You're so beautiful and I love your style ♥ Greetings from Finland ♥

  2. You arr beautiful. I love the outfit but shoes are my favorites.
    Bai, Shiki

  3. haha Boyfriend shirts are the best x3 I think the tights look perfectly fine on you :D and the shoes are awesome as well! xx


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