Shiny day + Hicustom giveaway

Simple and cozy outfit I wore some days ago to go out with my lovely Claire. I really like floral prints even if I don't think they suit my style well, but it's a nice change for summer time, especially 'cause this dress is really comfy and fresh! I matched it with a simple pair of black shoes and my usual large hat to give a special touch to the outfit, do you like it?

Hat, dress h&m - Shoes Taobao

I'm so bored of my blonde hair, but at the same time I don't want to change it for another "kinda normal" color so I think I'll come back to the colored hair club soon 8D!

Lastly I would like to share with you a great giveaway by! I recently started collaborating with them so I'm really happy to share their giveaway, the prize is a 50$ coupon to spend in their shop for three lucky winners, they sell a lot of  things (t-shirts, sweaters, mugs, phone covers, etc) you can personalize with your favorite prints and words, amazing don't you think? I can't wait to show you more in detail their products!

You only need to fill the rafflecopter table as usual! I hope you'll join it, the prizes are amazing!

16 commenti:

  1. Ho provato ;)!
    ps: la seconda foto mi piace da morire *__*

  2. Mi piace *_*! Sei riuscita a rendere originale un abito non alternativo con gli accessori. Ti sta molto bene, tra l'altro <3

  3. you look so lovely. i think that style really does suit you, especially with the hat :)

  4. I like your outfit and i really love your hair *-* <3

  5. Hi! I made a little post about you, since you are such a big inspiration for me ^o^ I hope you don't mind/like it :

    Much Love!

    1. you're a sweetheart ;u; thank you so much again ♡♡♡

  6. Love your outfit once again, you look amazing! ^__^

  7. bellissimo questo vestito. mi piace molto ^^ e bellissime foto complimenti =)
    GFC/FB Deborah Petrillo


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