Summer days

It has been a long time since my last random/daily life post! I hadn't special things to talk about, like every summer most of my time is spent studying and the rest dying for the hot weather, I wish I could go on holiday in a cold country Y_Y.

Headbow h&m - T-shirt Bershka - Skirt Sheinside - Socks, shoes Ebay

I wore this outfit fot a little shopping round with my cutie Claire, I only bought a tiny present for my boyfriend, every summer is really hard for me to find cute clothes so I usually wait the japan sales.

Headband Spinns - Necklace Giada Bijoux - T-shirt Tally Wejil - Skirt Glavil - Tights taobao - Shoes Cute to the core

Outfit for a day with my friend Sarah and our boyfriends, we went around the city, bought last manga
 releases and eat one of the worst chinese foods ever (but the aperetif in a nearby bar was good), lol. It was one of my favorite restaurants years ago, I'm always really disapointed when the quality goes down. I'm sorry for the really low quality of the pics but my camera battery died and I had to take pics with my really old and cheap camera XD.

 Ribbons, necklace Kreepsville666 -  Choker Wego - T-shirt Listen Flavor x Danganronpa - Socks Ebay - Shoes Sango

I recently got some new parcels with items for summer! This t-shirt (long like a dress) is the cutest and most comfortable item I have in this moment, I'm in love with this collaboration and I'm thinking about taking the sweater too...let's see! I can't wait to show you more outfits but I had a lot of things to do, I hope I can go on holiday asap.

14 commenti:

  1. Cool outfits as usual, and the food looks yummy! ^__^

  2. Your outfits are so cool. The first is my favorite.
    Bai, Shiki

  3. Your oufits are awesome! I love them!! I love that glavil skirt, i need one!!!
    And the Listen Flavor T-shirt...omg It's so cool!!
    I'd like to buy japanese clothes...some day...
    You look beautiful as always!

    1. thank you so much, you're really kind ♡♡♡ *_*

  4. Beautiful pictures! Love the first outfit, the socks are so cute <333

  5. Don't know if my comment worked or not, so I am commenting again..: It's funny reading you want to travel into a cold country during summer and here we usually want to go to a hotter country :D to at least enjoy a few days of real summer instead of cold summer breezes and rain :P

    1. maybe because summer it's really different between south and north countries ahah XD here we have 3 months with 35°, humidity and mosquitoes x.x


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