Spring coords

Another little recap with some new outfits I didn't share before! I'm sorry my blog has so many outfit posts recently, of course if you have some idea for my future posst (like make up collection, tutorial, photobook scans etc) I'll be happy to please you!

Headband,choker Taobao - Sweater Fig&Viper - Skirt Terranova - Boots Dr Martens

I wore this outfit for a little Ikebana event, it was really interesting and cute! I wish I had enough time to try this amazing art. The weather was really bad but I decided to dress up in pastel colors anyway, I'm in love with my Fig&Viper sweater even if I don't really like how it suits me, I wish it was longer so I could wear it without a skirt.

Cardigan, choker Ghost of Harlem - Necklace Glavil - Headband Spinns - Dress Fernopaa - Tights Tally Wejil - Shoes Cute to the core

Total black outfit I wore for a saturday meet with my friends, I miss wearing this lovely dress I bought during my travel in Japan, it's really short but with a pair of shorts I can wear it without problems!

Roses offbrand - Choker Handmade by me - Dress Jouetie - Socks Ebay - Shoes Montreal

Simple outfit I wore for some shopping with my boyfriend, I also took the chance to take some pics for my previous lenses review! My dog photobombed almost all my pics XD I'm sorry about it!

Headband Spinns - Dress, boots Glad News - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Tights taobao - Bag Algonquins

Outfit from the past saturday for the usual meet with my friends. The weather is summer-like in Italy right now, I'm disappointed 'cause WHERE'S THE SPRING??? I want to wear cute cardigans and light tights....but now I'm totally going to melt if I wear something heavier than a t-shirt ;_;.

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  1. Love everything! You are adorable! ;) <3

  2. Lovely outfits! ^__^


  3. You are so cute!!!!!! and your make is impressive and stylish ♥

    Definitely follow u now ♥ Could u follow me back please? ^^

    I do reviews & make up too

    1. thank you so much ♥♥

      sure I'll check your blog :)!


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