Photobook: Ayumi Seto

Finally I can share with you some random pics of the Ayumi photobook I bought some time ago! I know there is a lot of people interested in this kind of post so if you want other posts like this about other models let me know, I have the books of Alisa Ueno, Kozue Akimoto and Amo! Obviously I didn't take pics of all the pages (they are over 100!) but only the ones I like the most, of course if you have the chance buy the photobook, you can find it on at the cheap cost of 1000 yen, I bought mine with a shopping service.

It has a plastic dust jacket over the real book, they are 112 pages full of pics! The book is composed in three big sections: fashion, beauty and private. In the fashion part there are tons of outfit pics divided by style (like casual, rock, preppy, etc), street snaps you can find also on Ayumi wear account and some pages dedicated to her favorite items.

The beauty part is filled with hair and make up tutorials, her favorite make up items, hair colors and nail arts!

The private part has a lot of interviews, messages from fans, instagram pics, favorite tv shows, films, music and a curious part about her chilhood. There is also ( I totally expected it) a part about her favorite hamburgers XD.

Obviously there is a part about Aymmy clothes and the promotional pics you can see in the website, I really like this campaign!

This is all for this photobook! Do you like it? Of course let me know if you want to see more posts like this. I'm really tempted to buy also the Amyaya photobook!

12 commenti:

  1. she's so pretty, her style and makeup is amazing ^^

  2. I don't know this model but the pictures are great!

  3. This is just too cool, i love her style so much <3

    The Quirky Queer

  4. Thanks for posting! I really miss her rock/kids rock fashion before she changed to her current style! Would be interested in Alisa Ueno's as I haven't seen hers posted anywhere online.

    1. I miss her old style too ;u;! Sure I'll post the Alisa one next time ♡ thank you for let me know!


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