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Today I'm really happy to show you a new shop called Holy Murasaki! I had the lovely opportunity to get some items from their selection to review, I was really happy 'cause I'm love with everything, the shop style is perfect for my taste! I higly recommend to check all the items in the store, if you like pastel goth or pastel colors in general I'm sure you'll love them! As you can see in my previous picture everything is really well packed in a a plastic envelope with lovely purple paper with the store logo, I got everything in a few days and without problems!

The quality is amazing, can you see they are all handmade pieces? The pastel spiked bracelet is my favorite item, the color is just amazing, so delicate and pastel, I couldn't find something like this anywhere! I'm also really in love with gold accessories in this period so I was so happy to see you can choose the color of the spikes (silver or gold), seriously I never found any store with this option before! One of the best things is I finally have a bracelet with the right diameter for my wrist, every bracelet is always too large for me but this is just perfect, I have no other words to describe it! The leather is really soft, you can feel the item has a great quality!

The shell ring is such a lovely piece you can wear with a lot of different styles! The color is a soft pink with a lot of little glitters that give a lovely effect especially with the sun! You can even choose the color of the base (gold or silver). I'm sure I'll wear it a lot in spring *_*.

Ribbons Kreepsville - T-shirt Ghost of Harlem - Jacket Candy stripper - Skirt TallyWejil - Tights taobao - Boots Dr Martens - Necklace Cute can Kill - Ring, bracelet Holy Murasaki

Of course some picture of my outfit! The good weather made me want to dress up more pastel, I really need to buy more clothes for spring with pastel colors, my closet is full of black, red, white and grey...kinda boring XD.

And lastly the sugar crosses necklace is a must have to everyone who dresses up pastel goth! The crosses are tiny and delicate, perfect to match with a blouse without looking too heavy! You can choose between different colors (purple, white and hot pink), but for me white is always the best option ahah!

Headband Lockshop - Necklace Holy Murasaki - Blouse Calliope - Skirt Listen Flavor - Tights Ebay - Boots Glad News

I'm in love with everything and I recommend this shop to you all! Everything has such a great quality and the service is amazing, let me know if you like some items, I'm really curious!

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