Review: grey x green wig from Sololita


I had the lovely opportunity to review another great wig from the shop Sololita! If you you missed my previous reviews I made for them you can find theme here: 1, 2 , 3! I'm totally in love with their wigs 'cause they always have great quality and special styles, so I was really happy to took another one! This time I chose THIS I was attracted by the unusual color combination!

I got the wig with EMS shipping as usual, you'll be sure to get your items safely and fast!

As you can see in my picture the color is really unique, you would espect to get a normal grey wig but there are a lot of pinkish hair mixed with the grey ones, the final effect is amazing! I also really love the green part, is really well blended with the other hair and you'll have it on your fringe too if you cut it (like I did!). As all the wigs I got from Sololita the quality is amazing, really soft and natural looking, I also combed it on the curly part and it didn't lose the form!

Headband Spinns - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Necklace Reliquia Arcana - Dress, boots Glad News - Vest Pull&bear - Tights Taobao

I think this wig is great with a lot of different styles, I really like to coordinate it with rokku outfits, it gives a special touch to the final coordinate! I'm in love with it and I higly recommend this one (and all the wigs and the items I tried) from Sololita, the quality is always really good and the shipping really fast! And now you can even have free worldwide shipping!

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  1. I like your outfit.

    I've been eyeing a twotone wig from japan with green color in the end.
    But, maybe I'll buy it 2 or 3 month laters, cause there is still so many other wig in my wishlist xD


    1. thank you ♡ me too! I want a lot of new wigs, always XD ahah!

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  4. such a pretty wig. love the dress too

  5. Wow I really like this overall look! You look amazing ~

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  7. Questa parrucca l'ho vista in vari siti,mi piace e ti sta bene ;D


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