International gyaru meet

I was really lucky to attend the international gyaru meet this year, thank you so much Kitai for organizing it! I did tons of pictures of Frankufurt (it was my first time in Germany *v*) but I decided to split the post in two parts, this one will only be about the meet, feel free to take the pics if you like them! We visited the Goethe's house in the morning then we came back to the hotel to dress up and do our make up, unofortunetely the weather was rainy so the lights aren't the best.

Beanie River Island - Dress Ghost of Harlem - Necklace Glavil - Leggings Calzedonia - Boots Glad News

I wore my new dress from Ghost of Harlem I got few days before the travel, I loved it! It's really cozy but also detailed and cute, I'm kinda obsessed with denim in this moment, I also bought another dress with it but for spring.

With my fabulous girls!

We also had the chance to meet some italian gyarus! We lived far away so we didn't meet before, it's kinda hilarious to meet other gals from our country in an international meet ahah.

We went to a mall to take some pictures and did some shopping (we were so many *_*), but the security throwed us out....because "you can't take pics inside the mall". I didn't know germans were so rude (a lot more than italians, lol), and it wasn't the only episode like this, almost every german we met was kinda rude with us, also in restaurants :°D. 

Stupid pics are always the best, lol

Sadly a lot of pics outside the mall were blurry T_T, but I was really happy to meet so many amazing girls I followed for so long!

I also had the chance to meet the dear Ina (thanks Sui for this pic!), I have been in love with her and her amazing style since long, I hope I can meet her again asap, I was soooo happy *v* love you!

With the beautiful Jojo, she is like a real doll *_* ! I was really happy to meet you!

Then we went to a karaoke ( I made some videos, lol XD), it was really funny! There was also the club after that, but me and my boyfriend were too tired to join. It was a fantastic experience, I really hope I can attend the event next year too!

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  1. I'm really sorry you had bad experiences in Germany T-T
    Believe me, not all german people are like this xD
    I hope you had a great time anyways ^-^
    You look amazing, and so does the rest of the group!

    1. thank you so much ♡ I'm sure there are a lot of germans really nice, I would like to visit other cities so don't worry *v*

  2. I've noticed that i got the same leggins :)

  3. You are so beautiful! I really like your outfit for the meet! ^-^
    and I hope to meet you too one day ;3; <3

    1. thank you so much sweetie ♡

      I hope we can meet in future *_*

  4. I would say it's phenomenal

  5. Ma che outfit meravigliosi avete tutte *_* queste foto sono una gioia per gli occhi! E' un peccato che vi abbiano cacciate fuori D: che poi non ne vedo il motivo, non stavate mica fotografando articoli o persone che non avessero dato il loro consenso. Boh.
    Comunque adoro le calze che indossa la tua amica con le Jeffrey Campbells *_* (spero non ti scocci se commento i vestiti della tua amica nel blog dedicato ai tuoi ''XD)

    1. grazie mille ♡♡♡ figurati sono contenta che ti piaccia il suo outfit *v*

      Pensa che la guardia ci ha seguite fino all'entrata (eravamo ferme un attimo per decidere dove andare visto che pioveva), per dirci di nuovo che dovevamo andarcene XD senza parole!

  6. Wow..germany seemed like fun^^! love your outfits and the other girls outfits as well. so pretty!! :)

  7. looks like a lot of fun:3
    the security idk why they were so rude to you. it's not like you blocked the entrance or anything like that o.o
    anyways~ so many awesome outfits. wish I would have gone;-;

    1. thank you so much ♡♡♡

      I didn't understand why he was so rude with us T_T


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