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This post will be kinda boring for lots of you (tons of pictures of the city and arts and nothing about fashion lol), but I decided to share it anyway if you want to see a little slice of the beautiful Frankufurt! For me the travel was like hell, the morning I had the flight I wake up with hight fever and various intestinal problems, for one moment I thought I could not leave but then I took tons of medicine for all day and it went well XD.

We choose the Continental hotel, really close to the station and the center. I really liked the hotel for the position, and it was also really clean and the staff kind! I ordered a matrimonial room but I don't know why I got a triple room XD it was really big so I didn't mind about it. I highly recommend this hotel if you want to see this beautiful city without spending too much!

We arrived in the afternoon and after a little relax in the hotel we went around the city, Frankufurt is amazing! So many lovely palaces, in Italy we haven't such beautiful houses! There are also a lot of cute shops but we hadn't enough time to do a proper shopping (I only bought two little things at Primark). I can say the only bad thing is the people, so many rude ones XD.

One of the best thing is the food portions were so huge in every place we ate! It was also really yummy, really bad I cannot eat a lot of things for my lactose intolerance T_T

On saturday there was the gyaru meet so you can find everything about it in my previous post, in the morning we visited Goethe's house, it was totally amazing! I really like art and everytime I go to another country (but also a different italian city) I always visit at least one museaum! There was a lot of paintings inside the museaum, but also the real house was wonderful! I wish I can have a house like this ahahah

The last day we visited the old town center, I loved the palace! I also visited the cathedral in the afternoon, but I spare you tons of other pics 'cause this post is quite heavy ahah. I have a lot of lovely memories from the travel, I can't wait to make another one with my friends and visit Germany again!

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  1. wow the buildings are so pretty there! they look really unique and unusual :)
    I'm glad you had a good time hun

  2. I love posts like these!
    I've visited some countries in europe but not germany yet, so I really liked your pictures.

  3. Such beautiful pictures, I love travel posts so don't be afraid to make them :D


  4. I love this post! So many lovely photos! : )

  5. oh my god the buildings are so beautiful! :o
    I have a question post going on in my blog, it would be nice if you could go check it out, and maybe leave some questions? :) (its my latest post)

    1. I'm glad you like them ♡

      I checked it but it's all in finnish so I didn't understand ahah XD

  6. I always love travel photos. ^^ Thanks for sharing.


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