Review: Eos Blytheye Brown

Today I'll show you a new lenses pair sponsored by MapleLens, I was able to chose in their large selection so I chose a pair I wanted for so long, EOS Blytheye Brown. I really wanted to try these lenses 'cause I think they're the only one who gives the right "gold" effect on brown eyes you can see a lot in gyaru fashion (especially on Nuts models). The service was great, I received my lenses in a few days 'cause they shipped them with GLS shipping, it's always amazing when you get a parcel in such a short time! They're also really kind and polite, I really recommend their site and service! Let's talk about the lenses:

Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 Year Disposal

I got the lenses in a solid cartoon case with the brand's logo, so you're sure your lenses won't be damaged during the travel! I also got an adorable animal case, it's super cute and it's also useful when you have to recognize your lenses! As you can see in the picture the lenses are really gold/brown and it was the thing I wanted the most!

I really love the effect the lenses give to my eyes, the perfect gold effect I was searching for! They also have a good enlargement, even if they are only 14 mm and they're also really comfy. The color blends really well with my natural eye color, I think they're perfect on brown eyes, maybe on light eyes the effect will be more yellow and unnatural.
They're also available with prescription for myopic people like me!

Color 5/5: they have the perfect gold color, I love it!
Design 4/5: the design is really simple but perfect for the final effect.
Enlargement 5/5: they give a good enlargement also if the diameter is small!
Comfort 5/5: they’re really comfortable, I highly recommend them if you have sensitive eyes

- perfect gold color
- nice enlargement, perfect for natural look
- really comfy
-avalaible with prescription
-perfect on dark eyes

-maybe not apt on light eyes

And the outfit I wore few days ago

Hat Boy London -Cardigan h&m - Tights Glad News - Shoes Taobao - Necklace Ebay

This is the last lenses review for now, I hope you like it! Let me know what you think about it and if you tried these lenses!

4 commenti:

  1. wow, they are so pretty :) it's such a natural colour.

  2. i usually prefer bigger circle lens ...arounf 14.5-15 :3 but i like this color ,it's so honey and sweet <3 would you like to follow each other ? kisses <3


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