4° Harajuku fashion walk Pescara

Saturday there was the forth fashion walk organized in Pescara by my friends and me! I was really happy to see how many people joined the event, every time there are more and more cool people and I'm really glad to see how many japanese fashions fans there are around our region and nearby ones! Our official photographer was Andrea Lanzilli (he also made all the pictures at our first fashion walk), I hope you enjoy them! I'll share mostly my outfit pictures but you can check this link to see all the pictures of every outfit!

 Group picture! Look at how big was the group this time *u*

Stupid pictures are always the best, we made them with ours phones while waiting for the official pictures

And some pictures of my outfit:

 Headband Lockshop - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Necklace Kreepsville666 - Sweater, skirt Listen Flavor - Tights Ebay - Boots Glad News

I really love my outfit, also if I didn't like my make up XD I know I'm not really photogenic but maybe it was too heavy for me, I'll try something different next time!
After the event some of us went to a restaurant and ate some local food, I came back home like a zombie, I was really tired but happy I got to see my friends and make new ones! I can't wait for the next event *u*

18 commenti:

    You was super pretty in HF walk! <3 <3

  2. ;_; Sabato avrebbe anche dovuto esserci quella a Venezia, saltata a causa maltempo T_T!
    Avevate tutt* dei gran begli outfit, comunque il tuo secondo me era uno dei migliori :) più giapponese e anche molto d'effetto e originale. Adoro quella parrucca rosa, ti sta benissimo e quel colore abbinato col bianco e nero sta una meraviglia. Davvero un bell'outfit!
    Complimenti anche al fotografo, ti ha scattato delle gran belle foto :)

    1. grazie millissime çOç sei troppo gentile come sempre ♡♡♡ è la prima volta che provo una parrucca totalmente "colorata" e innaturale e stranamente mi piace molto *u* sarà che Lockshop fa sempre parrucche bellissime!

      è un vero peccato che quella di Venezia è saltata :( spero che potrai partecipare presto!

  3. Quanto mi piacciono queste cose,questo tuo outfit è adorabile ^^

  4. you were so many! I love your outfit♥

  5. Siete uno spettacolo!!! Belleeee!! ♥

  6. I love the photos with faces
    I think your makeup was well
    Everyone is adorable ◕▽◕

  7. your skirt is soooooo pretty :)

  8. Uha!! Your look is perfect as usual! *___*
    I love this outfit and the wig! OMFG you look so pretty with pink hair! :O

    1. awww thank you so much dear ♡♡♡ you're always too kind *v*


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