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It’s time to make a new wish list for the autumn! After this months in which I didn’t know what to wear, which style suits me the best and so much confusion about myself I finally understood which direction I would like to chose, a lot of people always said me I looked good in everything but I’m a bit tired of it because I know I haven’t a very personal style like many other girls (which I love and I admire). Obviously I will not stop to dress up in so many styles as you always see me, but I decided to focus most of my buys to some specific brands and items. Oh well, I talked a bit too much complaining about myself XD I hope I didn't annoy you! This are the next items I will love to buy:

White Clothes

My closet is full of black, black….oh again black! And some scorch of red, purple and grey XD so I would like to expand to white which is always one of my favorite colors. All items are from Glavil, you know I LOVE this brand, it’s my favorite gyaru one, but I will not coordinate them only in classic gyaru standards XD I’m tired of all the rules in every style, maybe a really personal style can be real only without a classification.

 photo 2-22.jpg
This is my favorite accessory / jewel , I have it already in black and red but I would like to buy it too in white and in sheer plastic (pictures from Creepyyeah)

 photo 4-9.jpg
With so many white clothes I surely need a white cap :P I fell in love with the ghost of harlem one (right picture) but it’s now sold out in this color and I didn’t find it anywhere, so I think I will opted for the classic one from Boy London.

Boy London x Long clothing
 photo 3-12.jpg
For last I would like to get one or two new t-shirts from the collaboration between Boy London and Long Clothing, I really like these designs a lot more than the plain original “boy” who everyone has XD.
That’s all for my wish list, I really hope to realize all! Do you have some favorite items in this moment?

8 commenti:

  1. i really love the caps ^^

  2. *o* mi piace il "collare" in plastica con il cuore gigante! Ho una cosa simile ma pieno di borchie fluo *stile cyberpunk* hai fatto bene a metterlo nella lista autunnale perchè in plastica d'estate fanno caldissimo xPP

    1. ahahah penso che se l'avessi preso per l'estate a quest'ora avrei il collo pieno di bolle per il sudore XD spero di riuscire a prenderlo per l'autunno!

  3. I love the white clothing you posted!! I want to try more Rock style, but I mostly just have black clothes, too XD
    Actually, I love just about everything you posted :)

  4. Really cool stuff!
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