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I got the inspiration for my new hair from a lot of pictures I saw on tumblr, I totally fell in love with this gradient so I was really happy to finally make it! Firstly check my Hair trade review about my new extensions, after I corrected my hair color I decided to finally make the gradient on them,  I wanted to make them lilac but the color didn’t turn out very well so I opted for a stronger color with flamingo pink from la Riche Directions. It was really simple because you don’t need something special to make it, only the hair dye and a specific brush to spread the color over the hair.

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 I waited only 1-2 minutes and the color turned out so brilliant! To not damage your extensions the advice is to let them dry up naturally without hair dryer : I did it and in around 15 minutes in the sun they were totally dry! The color bleed a lot so I recommend to put something under them to not stain.


And then…the final result! I really love them *_* the color is amazing! I would like to try other colors in the future eheh I still have almost 2/3 of the color so I think I’ll wait a lot but for summer the color is just perfect, I love wearing hot pink nail polish and colorful make up during the hot season! 

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Dress, Choker Ghost of Harlem – Bag Algonquins – Tights Glad News – Boots Jeffrey Campbell

What do you think of them?

18 commenti:

  1. Che bel colore! Adoro quella tonalità di rosa, è probabilmente la mia preferita. Anch'io ultimamente ho avuto per la testa quest'idea delle punte colorate :D
    Molto bello l'outfit tra l'altro, è un sacco rock <3

  2. Love what you're wearing!

  3. The colour is so pretty and bold ^_^

  4. ohhhw~!!
    It looks pretty good! *___*
    I love your outfit (AGAIN) xD <3
    you could be such a good model or japanese shop staff..I would make pictures with you every single time I'm in the shop xD

    1. you're too too sweet dear *v* ♥♥♥ I hope we can meet one day in Tokyo so we can do a lot of shopping together!

  5. Amazing =)! It looks realy good and easy to make
    Suddenly I feel like ordering a new set of extension, so I can have long hair for summer =D

  6. Sono davvero bellissimi! Io li ho sui miei capelli naturali, ma sono stata costretta ad accorciarli quindi si vedono davvero poco.
    Effettivamente le extensions sono un'ottima alternativa alla decolorazione, e anche questo flamingo pink mi piace molto, dal catalogo dei campioni sembrava più smorto, mentre in realtà quello ad essere meno acceso è il carnation pink!

    1. Grazie mille *_* ti consiglio tanto sia le extension (sono comode e non devi ritoccare il colore spesso) che flamingo pink che è una tonalità davvero bella e accesa!


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