Rokku gyaru spring trends


This post is totally different from the others but I decided to make my blog more and more various so I would like to show you the rokky gyaru trends for spring, the new trends are really evident if you check the  varopus brands's websites but also if you look at the last street snaps! This is a little list of them, I hope you enjoy reading it! I added the web store links to all the products because there are a lot of different items for every category!


 photo jeans.jpg
It’s absolutely a must have for spring, not only for rokku gyaru, the difference is the addition of studs, ripped or dip dye tissue, skulls etc! Blouses, jackets and dresses are the most common things you can find with this material, every brand has their version, I personally really like the new Glad News jacket for the back wings, they’re super cute!


 photo horns.jpg

Ghost of Harlem - Glad News - Glavil

Firstly there were not many brands who proposed in their collections something with horns, it was something you can see only in goshikku gyaru but now you can find them also in rokku, Glavil by Tutuha sold something like this in all their collections. I think they are really cute to make a simple sweater more special and funny ahah. My favorite is the Ghost of Harlem version for sure!


 photo stones.jpg
This trend surprised me a lot because I didn’t expect that from a brand like Glavil, there are a lot of things with stones from them and from Glad News, so if you would like to get something you have a lot of chances! The stones are multi colored but also monotone like in Ghost of Harlem (and I’m sure prefer this version). You can find dresses, jackets and accessories mostly for this trend!

 photo wigs.jpg

Glad News - Glavil - Ghost of Harlem

Glad News was one of the first brands who sold in the past something with wings (you sure remember their beautiful backpack bag), in this season their propose so many wings things that is impossible to choose only one ahah! You can find this trend now in all the rokku gyaru brands for jackets, t-shirts, sweater, shoes and also bags! I fell in love with the new Glad News bag but now I can afford it, I’m sure it will be sold out in few days (in black it’s now out of stock XD).


 photo caps.jpg

They are also a must have for this season! Every brand has their version (or tons of different ones like Glad News), I think they are really cool to complete a rokku outfit for spring, I would like to buy one for myself too!

Sheer fabrics

 photo sheer.jpg
It’s maybe the most expected  trend in this season (not only for the rokku)! All the brand have something with sheer fabric, totally of just an accent in the t-shirts or sweaters (you can find a lot of things in Glad News).  I really like it ‘cause it makes something really simple like a black dress or t-shirt more and more special and unique!

What do you think of this kind of post? Do you like it? Let me know also what do you think about this trends!

10 commenti:

  1. The caps look really cute and I love the horns too

  2. I loooove this kinda posts!
    I'm not that much into rokku anymore even though glad news always has a place in my heart but I really like many of these trends - especially wings, caps and sheer materials *u*

    1. thank you sweetie *v* I'm really happy you like this post! You are amazing in Glad News, but you are so damn wonderful with everything ahah!

  3. Lovely items! I especially love the items with the horns, with and sheer fabric :D

    1. I love a lot horns and sheer fabrics too *_*

  4. This was a good post! First one ive read about spring rokku trends! Not enough rokku gals out there! I really like the wings and sheer fabrics!

    1. Thank youuu *v* I'm really happy you liked it!

  5. I like the caps, sheer fabrics and the denim. I really like posts like this too!


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