Unlucky day

I felt a bit better in the past days so I finally decided to go around shops for the last sales round and dress up a bit, it was so sad I spent all the days at home in pajama ahah! Yesterday I made a picture of one of my last outfits, I have a lot of new ones but I  hadn’t the time to make proper pictures. The sweater is a lucky found of my last sales round, I bought it at h&m for only 10 euro and the original price if I remember well was 39,90! My closet is full of black and dark colors, but I really like white in this period maybe because it fits well my current various style ahah


Blouse, necklace Glavil – Sweater h&m – Headband Spinns – Leggings Missguided – Shoes Jeffrey Campbell


Today I had the program to go out with my friends but…guess what happened? Yesterday night the fever went up again and today I feel like a zombie…I don’t know if I’m unlucky or someone sent me a malediction ahah because it’s all January that I’m sick and I’m really tired of it…so my program for today will be staying like a dead in bed and watch anime with my boyfriend.


This is a simple outfit for going to shopping, I really like it and I hope to make a better picture with more accessories soon, I didn’t wear a wig because I was really lazy XD but you can see my real hair in this moment are sort of dark blonde, after my exams I would like to go to the hairdresser and get a fringe, then I would like to make them more light in the next months, after 3 bleaching (yes, three XD) I would like to leave in peace my hair for a while!


This is my super tiny sales haul, I read around internet a lot of people who found a lot of amazing things…Am I the only one who finds so few cute things? There are always the same boring items and also the few things I liked I saw before the sales magically disappeared their starting day….what a mistery. The Zara t-shirt is really cute and I paid for it 10 euro (original price around 16), it wasn’t a super discount but I really like it so I took it anyway ahah, the belt wasn’t in sale but it was really cheap (6 euro) and I really needed a cute waist-belt in black so I bought it, it’s from Jennyfer!  I hope my parcels will arrive soon because I need new things for my super bad mood of these days XD

10 commenti:

  1. You look gorgeos! ♥ Especially love the first outfit, perfect!
    And I like your tiny sales haul, the belt is cute and the top with bat is cool!

  2. Nice look, Love the cross leggings ;)



  3. I love that first outfit, it's cute and cool at the same time. While looking really good for the winter weather!

  4. You are always sooo beautiful!
    And lovely purchases \o/ go shopping always make us feel better! Glad to know you are recovering ^^

    1. thank you very much sweetie ♥♥ shopping is always the best thing!


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