Review: Pink Brush Essentials Sets


It has been a long time since my last make up-related review! This time I would like to share my make up brushes set from Royal & Langnickel, it’s an American brushes brand (they also sell brushes for art, not only for make up!), there are also a lot of different section so you can choose the best solution for you!

My set is from the pink brushes essential, the Pink Synthetic 13pc Set Wrap (you can also choose the same set with natural filaments ), it comes in a pink 13 pockets vinyl wrap and inlcudes: Powder, Blush, Sponge, LG Eye Shader, Finishing Fan, MD Eye Shader, Smudger, Lash, Angled Brow, Detail Liner, Brow/Lash Comb, Concealer, Foundation. With a bit less of 50$ you have a complete set! Let’s talk about the quality: all the brushes are really soft, it’s a pleasure to use them! I washed them several times and they didn’t lose filaments or color! I absolutely recommend them!


The closed set looks like a lovely dark pink pochette! It’s really convenient to save space and to take it with you everywhere!

Face Brushes


From the left: powder, foundation, blush, concelear and finishing fan

Eyes Brushes


From the left: smudger, detail liner, sponge, MD Eye Shader, LG Eye Shader, angled brow, lash brush and brow/lash comb


As you can see in my picture the powder brush is really big! I love it ‘cause I can cover all the face in a little time without difficulty, all the brushes are in my opinion the best size for everything! (sorry for my tired face, I woke up early to make blood examination, I felt like a zombie ahah)

Price: 49,99 + shipping

Pro: size, quality, price, esthetics

Con: you need to buy them online if you are outside USA

For mineral make up I use a different set from Elf, if someone is interested I’ll surely make a review of it :D!

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  1. wooo rosa son fighissimi! *_*
    Hai beccato dogana?

    1. sono contenta che ti piacciono *_* io li ho presi da una rivenditrice italiana che fece l'ordine (e la cifra fu molto conveniente) se vuoi posso vedere se ha ancora delle rimanenze e ti passo il link!

  2. Amazing set!! I love it :3


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