Creepy cute

Past Saturday was very relaxing, I didn’t go out and I spent my afternoon/evening with my boyfriend at home. I was so happy to finally wear an outfit with my new things, I really like this style, on tumblr I read they called it “Pastel goth” or "Creepy cute", the name is very cute and I think it’s perfect for this sweet and creepy fashion ahah! I hope to share a lot of pictures of my future outfits (。・ω・。)

Cardigan, bag: Super lovers
Eyeball hair clip, skeleton necklace: Kreepsville666
Pink cross: taobao
Creepers: tuk
The best thing it’s the coordination between black (my favorite color ever) and pastel or fluo colors I like but in Lolita I cannot wear this kind of colors ‘cause the outfits are too sweet for my taste, finally I found the perfect combination! My boyfriend told me to make a stupid face, the result was I looked like a capricious child ahah

16 commenti:

  1. Looks awesome! I need creepers too >_<

  2. I had no idea it had a name :O
    you look adorable <3
    I really like bright pink x black

  3. So cute, I love how the eyeball ribbons look on you :D

  4. first of all, total awesomeness about your nickname (i'm so lost in zelda too, i'm playing a link to the past right now on my 3ds!)
    second: those pony tails hair bands.... never seen anything like that before! applause to that!
    third: so out of the box cool shoes!

    1. thank you very much ♥ you're very kind! I'm so glad you like Zelda too :D it's my favorite game ever!

  5. che bella, sembri molto giappo qui ^____^


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