mercoledì 16 novembre 2011

Lolita closet part II

Another closet post! Today I would like to share bags, shoes, socks and head accessories I usually wear in my lolita outfits! I think I won’t post blouses and cardigans, I have only 2 Btssb sweet cardigans and some offbrand, similar things for blouses…


My shoes collection!

1°line Tea party shoes, the red one are from Angelic Pretty, the rest from Antaina

2°line You know I love this brand! All the shoes are from Vivienne Westwood x Melissa except the black velvet pair are from Melissa

3°line Two Heartbuckle shoes (red from Bodyline, black from Btssb), sandals from Antaina (actally too big for me :( I'll sell them on spring!) and lastly rocking horse from Montreal

4°line Engineer boots from Bodyline and Scalloped boots replica Btssb from Antaina


Bat bag replica MmM (Bodyline), House bag replica IW (Bodyline), two heart bags (red and blackxwhite from Btssb), ribbon bag (Angelic pretty), big heart bag (Tralala), Violin bag replica IW (Midofi), pink heart bag (Angelic Pretty)

I’m a bag addicted x.x I would like to buy new bags but I already have so many, in the next months I’ll sell 2 or 3 of them so I’ll have space for new ones…I'll make a bag wishlist asap!


Bunnies family! All (except the pink one) are presents from my boyfriend! It's one of my favorite animals (together with cats), I'm very attached to them, I wash them regularly and I dust them every week!


Some of my favorite accessories! Roses, ribbons and little part of my necklaces ( I have a big jewellery case, maybe I can make a pic of it with all my accessories?)


Head accessories I usually use with my outfits! I love classic side ribbons 'cause they aren't too big for my taste, I'm a bit scary of big headbows XD


Socks (in the various pics you can recognize MmM, Angelic Pretty, Btssb). A lot of printed socks are from japanese brands, all the tights are offbrand (ebay, h&m and various). The socks without prints are from Btssb (light colors), the rest are offbrand! I have a lot of similar socks and tights ( I like making stock!) but it's really boring XD so I didn't make pics! Unfortunately, you can't see lace tights :( I hate my camera!

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  1. I love posts like this!!
    You have such a lovely wardrobe, and good pictures to show ^^
    I'm in love with your VW shoes, especially the golden pair. I suppose they are nice to walk in with?
    The accesories photo's are great to see, and so many! I wouldn't mind to see a picture of where/how you store those.

  2. Wow you have an amazing collection of shoes and bags! You have a lovely wardrobe. ^^
    And those bunny bags, so cute. :D

  3. thank you very much girls! You're always so kind!

    Denise: it's a great idea for a post :D I'll surely made it in future, how I store my accessories! And yes, the golden shoes are the best comfy shoes!

  4. Adoro le scapre oro di Vivienne! *__* posso chiederti quanto sono alte?
    Neanche a me piacciono i fiocchi mangiatesta, mi intimoriscono! (senza contare che su di me mi sembrano davvero inguardabili U_U) ma amo i cerchietti, li indosso sempre! *_*
    sarei curiosa di vedere come tieni i tuoi bijoux, presto farò un post anch'io in proposito (ho le fatto le foto ma non mi decido a scrivere il post XD)

  5. thank you yumie ♥♥♥

    Grazie mille miria *_* ♥ sono altine (penso sugli 8-9 cm) ma ti giuro sono le scarpe con i tacchi più comode che io abbia mai provato, riesco a tenerle una giornata intera nonostante non sono affatto una tipa da tacchi! Al più presto farò anche io le foto riguardo l'organizzazione dei miei accessori (sono molto curiosa di vedere anche il tuo post ♥), devo solo trovare la voglia di scattare le foto e scrivere D: pigrizia portami via

  6. Sìììì sei tuuuu!ti ho riconosciuta dai coniglietti!*siza perseguitatrice mode on!*
    Uddiu che bel post...subito attirata da quelle scarpeeee bellissimeeee!!
    Ora ti seguirò perchè vogliola foto dei gioielliniiii!

  7. sizaaaaaaa *_* quanto tempo ♥♥♥ è davvero una vita che non ci sentiamo!
    Spero di fare il post al più presto!

  8. motivo è che...nun riesco più ad entrare su flickr...>< impedita me!!
    Ma son cntenta di averti ritrovata qua!!=)
    un bacinu a presto =*

  9. Such a great collection, I love your taste!
    The headbows are lovely♥

  10. Thank you very much ♥ I'm glad you like them!