Romics 2011


I went with my friends and my boyfriend to the annual Romics convention yesterday, the day was sunny and hot, I'm sorry if I didn't wear the perfect cosplay ( I didn't wear the white scarf!) but it was impossible for me, in the morning I felt so bad I thought I was going to die XD but luckly there was a big shed with a lot of tables (and air conditioning), I had the time to relax and re-start the day with energy!

I have few full body pics, I hope to receive some more these days! Sorry if the quality is not the best, the next pics will be better 'cause my friend did them with a good camera!

With local cosplayer friends! They looked so good!!

With my dear friend Flavia in Victorian Maiden!

Other cosplayer from Nurarihyon no Mago!
I have a lot of other pics but maybe it's too annoying XD I'll share other single pics when I'll receive them from Chiara, a very talented photographer!

Last pic of the day with my boyfriend ♥
The next event will be the Versailles concert thursday, I'm so busy these days ahah! Stay tuned!
Thank you for looking!

4 commenti:

  1. Must have been a fun day ^^
    I don't know the cosplay you are wearing, but it looks good .

  2. Thank you ♥ It was a really funny day!

  3. Nella seconda foto full body hai un espressione troppo chu >w<
    Peccato che non ci siamo potute incontrate ç_ç

  4. un vero peccato ç_ç cerchiamo di rifarci appena possibile! ♥


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