Outfit snap #8

I went out with my boyfriend for a little walk yesterday, so he made some pics of my outfit! It was the first time I wore my new Tulle Rose op from MmM, the coordinate was very delicate and soft, next time I hope to coordinate it with navy! I hope you like it ♥

I wore ivory roses lace tights, I hate my camera 'cause the dettails are always invisible.

I don't know why but I love this shoot, you can see a bit my soft make up and the pearls accessories!

We cooked some vanilla cookies in the evening, I love cooking with him! I feel like we are married ahah ( I know, I'm so damn honey sometimes) then we watched Fairy tail and we drunk a hot tea ( I chose breakfast, the worse one for the night ahah)!

Pic of my last make up purchases, I went to the mall some days ago and I bought these items ( some are presents ♥), I'll review them asap!

What I bought:

Frozen Nail Lacquer Frosted Emerald
Frozen Nail Lacquer Northern Sea Blue (present from my boyfriend ♥)
Nail Lacquer Viola Nero Microglitter (for only 1 euro!)
Nail Lacquer Fuchsia Microglitter (present from my sister's boyfriend)
Make up Remover Eyes&lips
Natural Concealer 01

Let me know if you want a special review!
Thank you very much for looking ♥ Comments are always very welcome!

6 commenti:

  1. Your new dress looks amazing on you! ♥
    I love it, these soft colors look good on you.
    I also love your shoes, it's perfect qith this dress. Too bad you can't see your tights clearly, I know this problem too well.

    The nailpolishes look pretty, nice colors!
    And how sweet that some were a present ^^

  2. thank you very much dear ♥! You're always so sweet and kind *hugs*

  3. you look gorgeous! Already told you that short and lighter hair suits you :D
    also this was a great b-day present! (was this one, right?)
    what a good program to do with the boyfriend! <3
    Pretty nail polishes too ^^

  4. thank you very much dear ♥ You're always very kind!! Yes, it's the birthday present from my mother :D I love it soooo much!

  5. Ma che look delizioso*_* very kawaii <3
    Mi piace motlissimo brava!

  6. grazie mille! sei troppo gentile ♥


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