Birthday/Christmas Wishlist

There will be my birthday in november, it's time to make a little wishlist! I have so many dresses but for my birthday I want a new one eheh, actually I really want something "new" like floral print:

But I will be really happy with any gothic dress from my wishlist!

Then I want these shoes so bad ( I know, I've just bought a new pair of shoes but these are my favorite for gothic style, I really need them in my life!):

Something from Suppurate system, I've just bought the cherry with spikes so now I want a resin necklace (or a ring) like these two:

I needed new MmM socks (blackxblack, bluexblack and blackxgold), my favorite models:

I hope to buy something XD ahah!

4 commenti:

  1. Go get it tiger!!!!

    It is actually very cheap. It was for sale at cc in japan for 45000yen last time i saw it and mine even has a small hole in the lace over panel and cost a bit more than that on ebay!
    But mine is size 3 too and it fits me with no shirring so i dunno if this would be too big for you.

  2. thank you very much! I saw this auction, maybe I'll receive enough money on septmeber, I hope to bid it asap :D

  3. ooo the dresses are so cute!

  4. thanks! I hope to buy the first in these days :D


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