Front Cross Moitie, new purchase!

Some day ago I won this gorgeous dress on auction, I'm so happy *_*! Front Cross is one of my favorite no-printed dresses, I really love the fabric, a very soft chiffon! I chose the version with black lace, it's so hard to find it at a good price XD I feel very happy!

I'm waiting for my Silent Moon jsk, maybe it's a good shopping period XD ahah! I promise I won't buy other dresses in the next months, I really need new blouses and hair accessories ( and I would like to start to buy mineral cosmetics).

5 commenti:

  1. Wow, congrats on getting this dress ♥
    I always thought it looked elegant ^^
    Which colorway did you bought your Silent Moon dress in?

  2. thank you very much ♥! I bought Silent Moon in blackxblue :D

  3. Oh we can twin! I love that dress, i love it so much that i would like to own it in other colors too. It's the best plus sized friendly moitie dress ever. :D

  4. Questo commento รจ stato eliminato dall'autore.

  5. I always thought this dress suits you so damn good! I hope I will look good with it like you :D


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