Outfit snap #4

I will be really happy if you hype my new outfit on lookbook! What do you think about it? Vampire Forest is one of my favorite Aatp dresses, I really love the dark red and the print! In Italy the weather now is so damn hot x.x I want to dieeee


I really love my new rococo soul headband, I would like to buy it in blue and black!

2 commenti:

  1. I like this dress on you more than i did on the store's manequin! You look really nice in it, its the gothic that suits you best, gothic but with a touch of innocence. So pretty! I'm not on lookbook, never was. Is it interesting?

  2. thank you very much for your compliments ♥ Lookbook is a fashion community, I use it to order my outfits! It's really interesting! You can "like" the look like facebook, comments and watch a lot of different styles, there are a lot of lolita too :P


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