Review: Tomoyo Wig Card Capture Sakura by Uniqso

Hi lovelies! I have a new review for you today :D I recently got this gorgeous purple wig from my favorite shop Uniqso and I couldn't wait to show it to you! You know I mostly wear grey and ash pink wigs recently, but when I saw this cute wig I had to try it and I fell in love with it, it's the Tomoyo cosplay wig from Card Capture Sakura, I loved so much this anime series when I was young and I have to watch the new series when I'll have the time! 

This is how the wig looks like in the website, the style is so gorgeous and perfect for cosplay and different street styles!

The wig in real life is a bit more satureted and less ash tone, but it's incredibly gorgeous! The fiber is super soft and high quality, I brushed it with a classic wig comb without problems even on the curls and they stayed perfect! I didn't cut the fringe so you can see how it looks like when you receive it, you can easily wear it as a side fringe too if you want to use it in a different way! I think this wig is perfect if you are looking for a cool Tomoyo wig but also if you want to use it for gothic, j-fashions and pastel goth style 'cause it's amazing! You can buy it HERE and don't forget you can always use my code "vanilla" for a discount on your order! 

Quality ★★ really high quality fiber!
 Color  amazing purple
 Softness ★ super smooth and easy to comb 

Let me know if you like this cute wig and if you are a fan of Card Capture Sakura :D

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  1. It's such a beautiful wig! I love Cardcaptor Sakura and Tomoyo-chan. The wig looks good for an everyday look as well. You can get lots of styling ideas from the anime I suppose, since Tomoyo-chan changes her hair often.
    The new Clear Card arc is really pretty good! You should watch it when you get the chance!


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