Turbo Killer


Hat h&m - Wig Donalovehair - Chocker Mourning Boudoir -  Jacket Romwe - Tee Black Sanctuary - Skirt h&m - Tights Calzedonia - Shoes Yru - Bag The raf store

This is my favourite outfit of this period for sure! There are so many favorite items in just one look, for example this cool and comfy jacket I wore all the time during spring and autumn, I can't get tired of it, or this amazing printed tee by Black Sanctuary, one of my favorites from their shop, I love both the words and the gorgeous pic, you already know I'm such an art addicted and I love evertyhing about it. Another black x red outfit but you know it's one of my favorite combination in fashion :D and it's a perfect excuse to wear this really old skirt from h&m, you can easily find it in the stores 'cause they sell it almost every year! I'm always in love with this lovely tote bag, it's so sad the designer is currently on hiatus, I really hope he/she comes back so I can buy other amazing things! 

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