Hat h&m - Wig Heahair - Coat Shein - Dress Shein - Boots T.u.k

I'm currently closed in the house due to the bad weather, it has been a full week of rain and now it seems snow is coming, I really like winter but when I have so many days with bad weather is almost impossible to take new outfit pics and I hate it. I hope you'll enjoy this new outfit I took some weeks ago with a really strong wind, but this soft fake fur coat is my favorite thing ever and I'm so happy I have it in four different colors, it totally changes the mood of the look even if the main color is black as always! This inspired Wednesday 13 dress is so cute too, it's really soft and cozy and it can be paired both with elegant and casual items, I also wore it for the dinner of my Graduation party :D! I think I'll take the chance to stay at home reading as much as I can and editing new videos I already filmed the past week, stay tuned!

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  1. I get what you mean about taking outfit photos in bad weather - I guess that's why I take so many at home tehe. I love love love your coat, it looks so comfy and warm!

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee


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