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First post for this new year and I'm so excited to start again my blogging activity with a cute outfit I'm totally in love with. With the cold weather I'm always looking for cool warm items and sometimes they are really hard to find, but this time I found so many new amazing things for the season to show you. Let's start talking about the fur coat (of course, faux), I have the exact same model in black and taupe so when I saw it in dark red my heart said "I have to get it in my hands now" and I'm so glad I did, it became one of my favorite outwear 'cause I love red and it fits really well my style and usual total black coords. You also know how addicted I'm to rose patches over dresses so I took this gorgeous dress 'cause I love the sleeves, the best thing is it's also really warm and soft, totally a positive surprise, I' m sure I'll wear it a lot :D!
I hope you all had a great start of the year, I had an amazing time with friends and I can't ask for more.

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