Cheap gift ideas for Christmas!

Hi lovelies! We are 10 days to Christmas and I couldn't be more happy, I love the christmas mood, the decorations, the huge and warm sweaters and I also love getting gifts for my friends and family! I already made all the presents but I decided for once to do a tiny list of cheap ideas for all of you, these items can be totally perfect also for a present to yourself :D we can't forget it! If you like this kind of post I can do one more about other types of items 'cause here I'll share only fashion related ones!


Shoes are one of my favorite fashion items and I have a hilarious amount in my collection, I think it's a perfect gift to yourself or for a friend! I choose some of my favorite models and they're all really cheap compared to the ones in local stores, my absolutely favorites are the pair with the moon and star embriodery and the third one with the huge platform and the front zipper!


Another accessory I love are bags, I choose some of my favorites and I love ALL of them. They look so cute and perfect for a lot of different occasions and styles, the best things is their prices are around 8/13$ which is amazing, I think they can be a perfect presents for a friend :D the last one is my favorite, I love the quilted texture and the gold details, it's perfect for the season too!


Everybody has a friend who wears mostly comfy and sporty clothes, the best present for this kind of people for me is a nice hoodie :D! There are so many types: simple and plain ones, graphic ones, cropped ones, you can easily find a hoodie you like 'cause they're always on trend! 

Let me know of course if you like this post and if you already bought all the presents :D

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  1. That hoodie with the wave of kanagawa is a must have, also loved the bags!


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