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Hat h&m - Wig Lockshop - Cape Romwe - Dress Delphine the label - Necklace Weird brain creation - Tights Tally Weijl - Boots Quanticlo

This is my first outfit wearing a cape, I never had one before in my closet and now I can understand why so many people love them...they're so cool! This one is perfect for this season, I shot these pics in a really bad weather, strong and freezing wind and I was warm all the time, a big thumbs up for this amazing cape (which is also really cheap compared to the ones you can find in local stores!), I paired it with this gorgeous long, plain black dress from the australian brand Delphine the label, maybe you can remeber some posts for them the past year and I can confirm how amazing the quality is, I can't wait to show you some more dresses from them! I can't wait the end of the month 'cause I'll finally get some free time again, I'm currently writing my bachelor thesis and I have very few days to finish it, my stress level is over 9000 in this moment ahah.

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