Hat Romwe - Dress Romwe - Choker Born pretty store - Sandals Quanticlo

I shared so many outfits feauturing floral items lately, I'm sorry for that ahahah but it's my favorite summer print and I'm glad I had so many new items added in my closet. This dress is so large and comfy and it fits almost every girl on the planet ahah you can coordinate it in many different ways and it will still be super cozy! After many months I also bought a new eyeshadow palette and I'm so freaking in love with this warm shade, the quality is amazing, if you're interested is the Daily Mood by Mulac cosmetics :D I also wore my Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in the color No tea, no shade which fits greatly the whole eye's makeup! For my italian readers I also shared a new video on my channel talking about some finished products, I would be really glad if you check it here! I hope to be back with more videos soon :D

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