Pale flowers

 Hat Romwe - Wig Lockshop - Bralette SheIn - Skirt SheIn - Sandals Quanticlo

One more look featuring a pink skirt :D it's incredible how I can be so "colorful" during summer ahah but I always loved ash and pastel colors shades for clothing even if I wear them rarely (I don't think they suit me really well), but pairing them with black items it's way easier for me! This skirt is super light, perfect for summer and it fits so well crop tops and bralettes, it would be wonderful with a lace corset! I added this cute old bralette to make the coord a bit less "elegant", even if the look is still kinda fancy ahah but at the same time really comfy, thanks to my favorite pair of sandals :D I can wear them with almost everything!

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