Black Moon

Wig Trendy wigs - Hat Romwe - Necklace Rogue + Wolf - Dress Romwe - Sandals Quanticlo

Happy sunday guys! How is your weekend going? I did so many things in the last few days I feel so tired ahah but I have so many things to catch up before starting to study for the last exam! For my italian readers I also shared a new youtube video, you can win one of my favorite gamse so you have to check it! Today's look is my go to for summer especially when you don't know what to wear....and for me long and cozy dresses are the best answer! I recently got this gorgeous black dress in the mail, the details are so cute and the material is pretty good, it can fit almost every size and this is one of the best things ever :D it' also the best lenght for a tiny girl like me! Are you interested in a themed post about long skirts on tiny girls? I would be really happy to do it!

4 commenti:

  1. You look damn cute in black..

  2. I love this outfit dear!
    The dress looks amazing on you!

    Kinga xx


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