Cheap outfit post: summer edition

Hi guys! It has been a long time since my last cheap outfits post :D with summer I tought it was time to do a new one! Today I show you some cool items I saw on Trendsgal which is an incredible cheap store with a lot of cute things! This time I tried something different from my usual: doing three outfits for 3 different moments of the day and I also added the option of a light jacket 'cause most countries are not warm like Italy.


Let's start with my favorite look! It includes a lot of different things I love like the pleated skirt in fake leather, which is so incredible, paired with a basic top with a print (love this one and it's so true), platform boots in fake leather too, pink short wig perfect for the warm season and lastly....a tote bag with the cutest cat print ever! You know I'm such a crazy cat lady and when I see something with a cat over it I'm dead.


This one is perfect for an afternoon out with friends going around for shopping and just chilling in a cool cafe, I always love to dress up cute when I go out doing something, especially 'cause I spend most of my time at home ahah! The dress is my favorite one 'cause I'm addicted to rose embriodery, I have so many items like this in my closet and it seems like I can never be tired of them. To tone down a bit the too girly look for me I added this cool platform boots paired with a fake leather jacket.. The bag is so lovely, it reminds me a lot the Chanel ones but with a cute flowers detail!


The last outfit is for a special occasion or for clubbing :D the items are quite simple but with special details, the sandals with the wigs and the tiny rose clutch bag are to die for! I added this gorgeous gradient wig 'cause it's totally me, I always love to break a total black look with a colorful hair color detail!

Let me know if you like this post guys, I did my best to create the coolest and cheapest outfits ever!

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