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Headband Taobao - Sweater TheGrungeMonkey

Totally a different post today, both because I'M WEARING PINK (and I have to use the capslock, you know, more dramatic feeling ahah) and also because for the first time in years I did a tiny shoot in my room, I love doing my outfit posts outside, I think it's more professional and the effect is beautiful even if the light is not the best, but with this look I wanted something cozy and relaxed and nothing can beat my own bed ahah! I never imagined I could fall in love with a pink sweater...but it happened! I love the material so soft and warm, the print is amazing and I love the oversize cut of this sweater (it's the size L if you're interested!). You definetely have to check out the new amazing collection by The Grunge Monkey, I already showed you one of the new coolest prints here but I'm pretty sure most of you will love the other items too :D

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