Fake leather & Lace

Hat Romwe - Top Romwe - Skirt Romwe - Tights Tally Weijl - Boots Quanticlo

When it's spring I love wearing lace items and pink-ish tone wigs, I can't help myself, and this gorgeous lace top became my favorite one, I love the dots over the sleeves and the floral lace on the front, I think is something totally different from the usual lace tops we see everywhere in local shops! I paired it with my go-to looks wearing a fake leather skirt (this is a midi one, it's so rare to find of this length!), black hat and of course one of my favorite velvet boots, this is maybe the last chance to wear them 'cause the weather becomes warmer everyday and it will be a bit strange wearing winter texture ahah! I'm enjoying these few days of holidays before I'll start studying again for the last exams of my University life ahah.

4 commenti:

  1. You look so good with bangs ahhh! <3 I love the outfit as well, it looks so tradiional gothic with a modern twist, if that's even a thing xD!
    Kinga xx

    1. thank you so much for your always sweet words ♥!


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