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Hat Romwe - Sweater Romwe - Burgundy skirt Romwe - Over skirt Ghost of Harlem - Tights Uniqso - Boots T.u.k

This one will probably be my last "winter look" for this year, the weather became really warm lately, this last few weeks I finally took out my heavy winter coat from my closet, spring is coming! The outfit is quite simple, I'm wearing this super soft and warm sweater with the tiny details of two laces on top, it's simple but you can use it almost with everything! To add a special touch to the look I added over my burgundy skirt and overskirt I bought in Tokyo in 2015 and it's still one of my favorite special pieces in the closet, it can totally change a whole outfit ahah! I'm also wearing my favorite boots from T.u.k, the model is Nosebleed and it's so gorgeous I want it in other materials too ahah!

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  1. Wonderful outfit)

    Would ypu like to follow each other?)

  2. gorgeous outfit! and cool!
    I like it :) especially the boots.. lovely ^^


  3. ooh I'm loving the cut of that over skirt, it adds such a nice touch to the overall outfit. I'm so jealous that it's getting warmer over there, it's still so cold in England and I wish Spring would just hurry up already!

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

    1. I wish Spring will come soon in England too ;u; I'm so curious to see your next coords ❤

  4. I really adore the overskirt asymmetrical cut! Also the chain detail. You have a really lovely style


  5. What a nice costume is this that she had wear in


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