Beanie Black Sanctuary - Blouse Sammydress - Tee Black Sanctuary - Leggings Romwe - Boots Quanticlo

Hi guys! It's finally Friday :D I wish you all an amazing weekend! For today's outfit I tried to create a casual goth coord to fit the amazing print on the tee, it says "Exorcise just do it" and I love the pun with the word exercise (also the fake nike simbol is perfect in this print), also the Excorcist is one of the coolest horror films ever and everyone should watch it at least once ahah! My coord is inspired by the fake sportiv theme of the tee, so I wore some cool leggings I got recently in the mail, large and cozy blouse, this gorgeous beanie (love the dark as fuck print!) and my comfy platform boots. Let me know if you like it :D

4 commenti:

  1. Omg that top is too good!! <3 Love it, and it really matched your eyes! You look great <3 Amazing outfit! <3
    Kinga xx

  2. love the tee, i'm a huge fan of the Exorcist


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