Hat h&m - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Jacket SheIn - Tee Black Sanctuary - Boots Jeffrey Campbell

Happy Sunday guys! Today's outfit is one of my favorites recently, I can't wait for spring just to wear denim jackets again, this one is a brand new in my closet and I love the washed out color and the holes all around especially paired with band tees or in this case with this amazing Black Sanctuary tee, the print is so incredibly gorgeous and the quality is really good too, don't forget to check all their amazing works! I'm always flattered and happy to support talented brands like them! I took back my Lita boots I didn't wear for a long time,  recently I'm into more casual and comfy boots even if I'm still buying heels ahah! Let me know if I'm not the only one :P

4 commenti:

  1. Oh my gosh yes I love this outfit! Black & denim always looks good.

    Lizzie Bee // hello lizzie bee

  2. Wow! This is one of the best outfits I have seen in your blog *_* That denim jacket looks so nice!

    1. thank you so much cutie *_* I'm so glad you love it!


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