Gothic outfit ideas

Hi guys! I'm back with my usual collage post but this time I wanted to do something a bit different from the usual cheap ones, so I chose some of my favorite items from the shop PunkRave! Maybe a lot of you already know this store, it has a large selection of gothic dresses of all prices and perfect both for events or daily gothic looks!

Daily looks

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My favorite ones are gothic items perfect for daily looks! I love how you can dress up with darker styles even during the daily life with comfy and pratical items like these (and with the right accessories they can be used also for events for me!). Long dresses are really cool but cozy at the same time and perfect for winter, soft fabrics and nice shapes are great for daily clothes :D. It's really hard to decide which is m favorite item because I really like both the long dress and the asymmetric one! You can see here more gothic clothes.

Event looks

1 - 2 - 3
A bunch of my favorite events/night dresses! I don't have many occasions to wear something like these where I live 'cause there aren't cool places to go or a dark/goth scene, but I think they're all great! The second one can be a bit difficult to wear but the first and the third can be easily coordinated for a live, they look comfy, not only gorgeous! My favorite one is the first option 'cause I really like the lace details and the tiny spikes on the shoulders, aren't they cute? You can see a lot more gothic dresses!


1 - 2 - 3
How can I miss a coats/jackets selection with this super cold weather? There are so many glorious coats on the website, I choose some of my favorite but it was really hard to choose! You can find perfect jackets for gothic lolita, steampunk and inspired medieval looks too! The prices are also really affordable compared to the ones I see for coats in local stores :D! My favorite is the first one 'cause I love the pointed hood (and I know, I can't resist to put in my selection also a fake fur one ahah). There are also some cool ones for men *_* so don't forget to check also the selection of gothic jackets !

There are so many other cool items you can find on PunkRave, leggings, skirts, blouses and many things perfect not only for the classic gothic fashion but for other darker styles like pastel goth or some j-fashions like h.Naoto or goshikku gyaru! Let me know what do you think about this shop and the items, I'm really curious to read your opionions and if you already bought from it!

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