Satin ribbons

Beret h&m - Sweater SheIn - Shorts Delphine - Choker SheIn - Tights Tally Weijl - Boots Dr Martens

Hi guys! I recently joined the new kawaii.i contest with this outfit :D it has been one of my favorite online shows for years, I would be really happy if you vote for me HERE just clicking the vote button, thank you very much everyone for your always kind support ;_;! Talking about the look: it is inspired by Amiaya looks (they're judges in this competion!) I always loved their Harajuku style and I think it's great 'cause it's special and with a lot of details but at the same time really comfy and with neautral colors! I don't like the general idea of kawaii like something childish and only pastel colored, I think there are so many amazing cute styles with darker colors too! For example I think this sweater is adorable with these satin ribbons, I paired it with my favorite Dr Martens (with satin ribbons too!) and this gorgeous shorts from Delphine I got some months ago :D let me know what do you think of this look and of course your opinion about kawaii!

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