Cheap outfit ideas (Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts!)

Hi guys!
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost here so I decided to create a post with some cool items I really like with incredible discounts :D we all love shopping especially with really good sales ahah! I added all the trendy items I like for this season, I hope you like them! Let me know of course if you like this kind of post ;)


Backpacks are a trend and I can't be more happy! I always loved them even when it was really difficult to find cool ones, my favorite is of course the velvet one, so tiny and cute and it's also available in different colors (I love so much the burgundy one!). The second is a cute cat printed one, on the website it's called "fox" but i think it's a cat ahah let me know what do you think :P, it's super cute and perfect for school. The last one is Luna inspired and I see it everywhere, but this one is super cheap thanks to the Black Friday discounts! All of them are incredible cute and cheap so check them!

Roses prints

I saw a lot of girls on Instagram wearing this kind of sweater with roses over the sleeves  or on the front/back and I fell in love with this trend! I already have the second one but t-shirt version  (you can see it here) and the quality is amazing, I really love the other two sweaters too and I can't wait to get one of them soon!

Fur Coats

You already know I'm such a big fan of fake fur coats! I already have a leopard one and a black one (I think it's the same one of the pic!) in my collection, they fit perfectly my style, really cozy but at the same time you can create more elegant looks. The camouflage one is something I never saw before and I think it's such a cool idea creating a fur coat with this print (which is also another trend this season :D).

Dr Martens style boots

Dr Martens are always a must have but I know not every people can afford them (especially their limited velvet edition, which are really difficult to find!) so I think these three models are a nice idea if you're looking something similar but with a very good price :D I love the highter platform on the two black models, because the classic DrMartens boots are way too low for my taste.

This all for this tiny cheap outfit ideas post :D I hope you liked it and found some cool purchase, you can see some other cool discounts here!

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