Headband Handmade by me - Dress Devilinspired - Top Intimissimi - Shoes Taobao

Hi guys! Some weeks ago a friend asked my help with a photoshoot for a contest :) the theme was "purple" so I took the chance to wear again this gorgeous lolita dress which was perfect for the theme! It was a tragedy finding a location and lastly we went to the beach because we didn't find anything else ahah but I LOVE how the pics turned out and Alessio is such an amazing photographer :D you can check his works on Facebook here! The good thing is we also won the contest (results here)! I can't believe it ahahah I'm so happy and proud of him! I hope we can work together again asap and share with you all the amazing pics! (The pic with the cookie was not from the shooting but while I was eating after it ahah but it was super cute and I decided to share it in the post :D)

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