Rin Tohsaka Role Cosplay review


Hi guys, it's time for a new review! I'm so happy to share with you my new Rin Tohsaka cosplay I got a while ago from Rolecosplay.com! Rin is one of my favorite girls from the Fate series, even if I'm not similar to her I really like her tsundere appeal :D! The cosplay is really well done, great material quality and it's super soft. Every detail was done perfectly, like the tiny white buttons on the sleeves and the cross print, which is actually a light shade of silver, not white! The size is perfect too, I chose the M size and it's great and all the measurements are correct! I'm really happy I have this cosplay in my hands, I think the price is really cheap for a complete cosplay (you receive the hair ribbons too!), I really recommend it if you're looking for this costume because it's great :D! I tried to simulate some Rin face's expression but I'm not really good with tsun tsun pgs ahah! You can find the cosplay here.

2 commenti:

  1. This is cute! I did not even realize it was a cosplay (I am not familiar with that series) but adored the top so I clicked in to read the post ^u^v

    You can probably wear this regularly without the wig as a daily wear and it would be great! Love cosplay pieces that can be incorporated into daily wearing

    1. I'm really happy you like it *u* yes the top is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for daily outfits too ahah! I'm a big fan of red items <3


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