Wig Donalove hair (discount code "vanilla") - Necklace Vivienne Westwood - Dress Unif - Boots Quanticlo

Hi guys! Another super simple summer coord wearing one of my favorite dresses. The Unif Stray Midi dress, I got it from a friend some months ago and I'm totally in love with it! I also have the white shorter version (maybe you remember it here), I'm becoming a huge fan of long/midi dresses, I can't believe I added them in my collection just the past year, I always though they will look bad on short people like me but I was totally wrong! They're super comfy and perfect for this season, especially on windy days when I always fear to show my underwear around ahah! Do you have some pieces of clothes or accessories you totally thought they wouldn't suit you but made you changed your mind? I'm really curious to read your experiences!

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  1. Questo genere di abiti li adoro, perché vestono bene un po'a tutte. E ci riempirei l'armadio di cosine così. PS. La parrucca sembra superare le leggi della fisica. È faticosa da tenere acconciata immagino.

    1. ancora non ho dovuto aggiustare nulla sulla parrucca ** si sta mantenendo benissimo!


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