Hat h&m - Wig Uniwigs - Dress Killstar - Belt Dresslink - Shoes Quanticlo

I loved this Killstar dress since the first time I saw it on the website, I'm glad I finally have it in my hands, it's something really cozy but at the same time cool, it makes you feel really edgy ahah! I love the fringes all around the dress, even if it's the xs size it is a bit loose on the waist but with a belt the problem is solved! This thing makes me think about belts: I really love them but it's hard to find cool models for affordable prices, I'm looking for a smaller one for the waist with the classic huge buckle but it seems it's not easy to find, let me know if you saw something like this! The wig is new too, it's super soft and the lace front is really well done, I'm totally into grey and violet wigs lately as you can see ahahah my collection grew a lot! I hope to find some free time soon to film the wig collection asap!

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  1. Wow you're outfit is amazing once again! *__* That belt looks really good with that dress!


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