Hat h&m - Bra (lingerie set) SheIn - Skirt  Romwe - Sandals Quanticlo

I'm totally into crop top + long skirt combination this summer! I recently got a cute sporty lingerie set (you'll get the slip too!) which is perfect for work out, but I really like using it also in my daily outfits to stay comfy and fresh, this summer is hell the heat and humidity is terrible. How do you wear crop tops? I'm really curious to read your ideas! I'm not into denim shorts because every year they become shorter and shorter....I'm so glad I like skirts, they solve all problems in every occasion ahahah! I'll do my best to share a lingerie post soon, I hope you like the idea!

4 commenti:

  1. Love this look! The crop top + long skirt combo is a definite winner, it's how I tend to style my crop tops as well. I also like wearing them with high-waisted anything or with a suspender skirt.

    1. I'm happy you like it! I would like to try your suggestions soon :D


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