Summer witch

Hat h&m - Necklace Rings & Tings - Bra SheIn - Blouse Dresslink - Skirt h&m - Boots Quanticlo - Rings  ( cat, melted cross, gold cross, bat)

Summer is almost here and I'm already dying for the heat, I don't know if I'll survive to summer thinking it's only the end of May T_T. The outfit is really simple, a summer version of my usual witchy style, with a large and light black blouse, paired with this cute lace bra, fake leather skirt and platform boots. Maybe this will be the last time I can wear a fake leather item until autumn sigh. I finally received my copy of Fire Emblem Fates, I can't wait to do the incoming university exam to have some few days to play it without worrying too much ahah! I hope you had a nice weekend guys, let me know if you have some summer inspiration for outfits :D I would love to check them!

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