Review: Sweety Twinkle eyes Grey

Hi guys!
Long time since my last circle lens review, I had a lot of problems with customs lately but finally I have a bunch of new lenses to show you, as always I got them from my favorite shop Uniqso and this review is about a special pair called Sweety Twinkle Eye Grey. I never tried this kind of sparkly lenses before so I was really excited to share this review with all of you!

This time I tried the Fedex shipping and I got the parcel in a few days without problems! As always Sweety lenses have a super cute and easy to open package!

Base Curve     8.6mm
Color Tones     2 Tones
Diameter     14.5mm
Water Content     40%
Replacement Period     12 months

As you can see the lenses are incredibly big and shiny, they're 14,5 mm but the final effect looks like 16mm! Even if they're really big they're really soft  thanks to the hight water content and I hadn't to hydrate my eyes after many hours! The color is black with some silver sparkles around, they look so cool on brown eyes! I never thought this kind of lenses would suit so weel dark eyes but I definitely reccomend them! I think they're great also for cosplay :D they're available with gold sparkles too!

 Color ★★★★ amazing effect withe silver sparkles!
Design ★★★★ great design
Enlargement ★★★ big enlargement effect!
Comfort ★★★★ super comfy!

- amazing sparkling effect!
-  great design 
- perfect for both j-fashion coords and cosplay
- big diameter
- really comfy
- nothing!

Don't forget you can always use my code "vanilla" for a 10% discount on your Uniqso order! The cute heart hollow sweater is from Spreepicky and you can use also there the code "vanilla" for a discount!

4 commenti:

  1. Such cute lenses!!
    The sparkle pattern is adorable :D


  2. OH-MY-GAAAAD *___* these circle lenses are just perfect, I really love the design so prettyyyyyyy


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