Hat Romwe - Top Dresslink - Choker TwinkleDeals- Skirt Romwe - Skull Ring Dresslink  Boots Quanticlo

Happy weekend guys! I'm back with a new witchy outfit, the past days the weather was terrible so I wasn't able to shoot some new looks for the blog, after a whole sunny winter it looked like the rain would be with us forever. The look is an always go-to when I want to look cool and edgy but still feel cozy (yes I'm actually really comfy with skirts and high platform shoes ahahah!), which is a perfect look for a Saturday meet with my friends around the city. I hope you'll having a great weekend too! I'm trying not to overwork like I always do ahah!

2 commenti:

  1. Your boots are absolutely gorgeous! I wish I had a pair of beautiful high boots.. The ones I have aren't great and I can't walk in them very well ;_; I'm loving the whole "witchy" vibe here!

    Lizzie Bee //

    1. thank you beautiful ♡ with your long legs high boots are perfect on you ;u;!


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