Must have for spring!

Hi guys! Recently Romwe is doing a huge discount for the Easter period so I was thinking about sharing my must have items for the spring, so you can buy them for super cheap prices! This shop is one of my favorites, cheap prices but really good quality! You can find here a lot of discounts!


T-shirts are a must have for every season but especially for spring and summer, I really love when the prints are hilarious like these three I shared, my favorite are strangely the white ones :D the alien tee is AMAZING, I'm totally in love with it. The "So Tired" one is perfect for my mood ahahah after doing so many things like I do every day it fits me perfectly!


Spring = sun, a LOT of sun here in Italy, during this season you can see almost everyone with sunglasses, these three pairs are my favorites! I wish the round pair suited me but unfortunetely I feel really ugly with them ahah but I found a really nice option in cat eye sunglasses, they're my favorite for my face shape!

Light blouses and jackets

I'm obsessed with jackets and blouses all year, these are my favorite models for springs. I always wear my biker jacket a lot every spring, but I also love wearing something more casual like the black jacket or when I want to feel really fancy, something elegant and sheer like this gorgeous flower kimono!

Light dresses

Light dresses are always the best option to get a cool outfit without spending a lot of time thinking about it! Light and sheer fabrics and hollow models are absolutely my favorite!

Let me know which are your must have items for spring! Don't forget to check more discounted items here! I hope you'll spend a great Easter guys! I don't know when the next post will be ready, maybe this Sunday if I'll have enough time :D

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  1. So cool clothes!
    I want the alien t-shirt so much! And my sunglasses arrived one week ago *-* I want sun soon!


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